Our Mission Statement

We provide our customers with “Meticulous Quality”.

We provide “Impeccable Service”.

We will be consistent.

We will be courteous and polite to our customers, and all those we serve.

We will be congruent, have our actions match our words.

We will deliver on our promises, in a timely manner.

We will always make sure that our customers needs were completely satisfied.

We will install the best roof possible.

Through “Meticulous Quality” and “Impeccable Service”, Ruffner Roofing is dedicated to providing the best customer service.

About Ruffner Roofing - Pic of Jon RuffnerOwner Jonathan D. Ruffner

I started Ruffner Roofing on January 1, 2007.  After working for 15 years in the roofing business.  My wife and I decided to start our family owned and operated business.

Throughout my 15 years of roofing, I always strive to deliver the best quality roofs to my customers.

Even developing a couple catch phrases to better describe my roofing capabilities.

“Roofing Artisans are we!!” ~ “We have been roofing since Kings and Queens Time.” ~ At Ruffner Roofing our roofing principles are rooted in my desire to completely fulfill my customers needs and my drive to provide them with the best quality roofing anywhere.